In what was the 14th week of the weekly COVID-19 stories which I have been writing with friends, I adapted a message I had written long ago for the 2018 Youth and Children’s Harvest. It was about the healing powers of love, and seeing the turmoil in the world today, I felt the essence of the message should be shared with a wider audience. However, the editor of the weekly blog, my friend, felt it was too religious and a sermon, thus not suitable to run with the other stories about what was going around the different parts of the world during this Coronavirus pandemic period.

I found the censorship a bit weird seeing that I was not preaching to people to go to church or become Christians. Anyone who knows me deeply enough will know that I am not into religion but I am heavy on the spiritual journey of every individual. I actually got involved with the Harvest because it was the children’s harvest, and I have a thing about helping to mentor the youths and kids in my community. I will share my write-up for that week here based on the request of a few of the people who had started reading my weekly journal of sorts. So, here is the Week 14 write-up. I would love to have your comments and I will try to continue to write weekly.  I am not sure I will be able to do it weekly but I am going to try.

The Theme of the 2018 Youth and Children’s Harvest was tagged, Harvest of GOD’s Love. The theme is perfectly in line with the love of THE CHI in our lives. It resonates with what is happening in our world today, with so much negative energy surrounding the world. It becomes important to understand THE LOVE OF THE CHI and the essence. So many people are hurting from the effects of this virus and all that it stands for, people seem to be dying In what I call the ‘Festival of Deaths of 2020,’—hardly a day passes without one having to write RIP on messages to people; you become more aware of a need to find your spiritual balance with your inner self: the need for compassion, and even more so the need to care about the people around you, not taking it for granted that they would be there tomorrow.

COVID-19 means that we have learnt to hold services by zoom, the ability to hug someone as a sign of comfort is now a no-no because of fear of spreading a disease that has no cure, with multiple complications for people who eventually recover.

THE CHI is love; His kind of love is very difficult to comprehend. So many scriptural passages give us hints about this love. John 3: 16 is the most popular: “For THE CHI so loves the world that He gave us his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

THE CHI defines his love in the way of giving. He didn’t present us with a mere gift wrapped in a cloak, but a rare offering of his son to be sacrificed, that humanity may spend eternity with him united.

We could understand THE CHI’s kind of unconditional love further by revisiting what St. Paul says about it in his letter to the Romans: “But THE CHI showers his love upon us, in that, while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8)

This helps us to understand the core reason why THE CHI loves us. He doesn’t just love us for who we are or how holy we are or what we possess, he loves us because he is love himself.

We could all bear witnesses that the reality of THE CHI’s love surrounds us day by day, and we can feel it, year after year—how his love is poured into us through the Holy Spirit and how this same love of THE CHI, compels us to love our neighbor.

THE CHI’s love is a selfless one—a type that puts the interest of the loved ahead. And it’s important to understand the essence of love in everything we do. Without THE CHI’s love, so many things will go wrong in our lives. We might not be able to understand some of the problems when our daily lives become packed up with issues.

Even as young people struggle without attending normal classes in school or in looking for a job in these critical times or little trials they are facing, when you walk in balance you find out that suddenly, The CHI comes for you in a very miraculous and beautiful way. This is in essence really what THE CHI’s love is all about—those little things that happen to you that you don’t really recognize and with all these trials in the world—the hate, the pain, the depression among people—the more you begin to understand the CHI—THE CHI in you—so the most important element is that you recognize that your CHI loves you, Chi gi huru gi n’anya, that your CHI leads you, Chi gi na-edu gi.

The essence of what life is to understand the love of THE CHI—the giving and living in THE CHI. Sometimes, what you have to give is time, most times, it’s compassion that you have to offer. Parents need to listen to their children. Children need to listen to themselves. People need to listen in silence to hear. You need to listen to the CHI in you. You need to listen to yourself. You need to give time to other people because whatever you give, you get back, and when you receive, it’s THE CHI’s love for you.

Let’s us make THE’s CHI’s love one of our essential cards in our roles of giving and living. Give your time, strength, and never find solace in things that cannot yield any good. Understand the importance of prayer or the quiet time whatever works for you, it is essential at this time.

It’s most important for you to understand that family is everything and family love is precious (family is not by blood alone).

We are indeed all running around to make ends meet and suddenly, it has become difficult for parents to reach out to their children, to reach out to the child in the community. It takes a community to bring up a child. Do not think because you are not a child’s biological mother or father, that you cannot show the child love. If you understand the African belief that a child belongs to the community, then when you see a child in the street, find out why, reach out and touch. We can teach children love, not hate.

I grew up in a home where my mum taught me that love conquers all. May we all be encouraged to continue giving and living in love and understand THE CHI’s love for us all because we need a lot of love to make the world a better place

Love in my language is Ihunaya, which means I care about you. Care about yourself, care about your people, and let’s make this world a better place.


That was week 14 and after then, I lost my dear sister, Zinzi Mandela, in South Africa; she loved our work as creative passionate people, fierce like Mama Winnie, her mother. More so, she died of COVID-19, the invincible enemy.

The pandemic is wreaking havoc across the world, changing people’s lives in ways that we are finding hard to deal with, that no day passes by without you hearing about something that hurts. Last week, we lost one of the youngest Air force Pilots, a young lady that was only 24 years, Tolulope Arotile. No, she was not flying her fighter jet; she was killed by a car that reversed into her at the base in what can be termed a freak accident. May her soul rest in peace.

However, we live from one drama to another within. Some agencies of government the Niger Delta Development Commission said they spent 82 billion naira, from January– May 2020, inclusive of 1.5 billion naira palliatives for directors in the Commission another 122m on Condolences, now if you realize that this money was meant to be used to develop a region that is in desperate need of roads, healthcare centers, running water, just basic amenities’ needed.

The previous week we had the head of the anti-corruption agency, Magu, being questioned for massive corruption. It seems like a fight between the Attorney General of the Federation and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC)—which Nigerians are the victims of their political games. We don’t understand what is really going on between the two people, except that something being hidden.

Coronavirus seems to be spreading faster. Nigeria has over 37 thousand cases at the moment; people still don’t really believe that Coronavirus is real. It’s still difficult to get people to wear their Masks as demanded by medics.

We are still very busy with Mask up Africa and hope that people will support our mission to Mask up Africa.

Written by: Peace Anyiam-Osigwe (A Off My Mind)